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  • What are your hours?

    • We are baking from Tues to Sat: 7:30am to 2:30pm | Sun & Mon: Closed

  • What kind of bakery are you?

    • We are bakery that takes international inspirations. We don't limit ourself to one single country of origin, as we are a global citizen - like many of our customers! We have traveled around the world in our previous life of Krust, and take our inspirations from the best of every world. ​We carry the amazing baguette - French - and to according to our customers "the best in Los Angeles!"; we make pastries and drinks with Yuzu fruit -Korea/Japan -; we make fine gugelhulpf -German -, Menemen -a Turkish breakfast -, Earl Grey Tea Cake -English Tea Time Inspiration-. to name a few. So our motto is "We strive for delicious and genuine food!" 

  • What does your slogan mean <REAL ingredients, REAL bread>

    • It means that we don't take a shortcut. We are truly dedicated to serve fine quality food that leaves you feeling GOOD. So we make things real. For example, for our quiches, we crack real eggs, peel the onion and caramelize in-house. Our vanilla latte is made with Tahitian Grade A Vanilla Beans, that we make into our syrup. Our simple syrup is also house-made. We marinade fig into the rum for days before making gugelhulpf. When we make fresh rosemary sourdough, we pick the leaves out of fresh rosemary. Examples are endless - and we take a big pride doing so!

  • Does that mean Krust MAKES everything in-house?

    • We make everything in-house, except for croissants & some retail items such as butters and Nespresso capsules. Our croissants are super nice qualities and we bake fresh throughout the day. We promise that we will always keep the transparency and integrity. So when we mean we make things from the scratch, we mean it!

  • Does KRUST bakes everything daily?

    • We bake daily of all bread and pastries, and some throughout the day. There are few exceptions though. Cookies, brownies, and granola bars are baked often and sold only while they are fresh. Let us know as we are committed to transparency! Ask us if we have any cookies baked the day of! 

  • Do you have any gluten free bread?

    • Currently, we serve <Yogurt Almond Cake> and <Flourless Peanut Butter Cookie> as our gluten free options from our bread sections. We have our amazing <Menemen> that is also gluten free: a Turkish tomato stew!

  • Can I buy a whole Quiche / Pie?

    • Yes! Just give us enough days of notice (3 days or more to be ideal), and we would love to cater to your special day, or just a pie/quiche day! We build our doughs and fillings from the scratch to build our pies and quiches, it can take up to two days before we can bake your pies and quiches.

  • Can I get lunch or breakfast at Krust?

    • Of course! Although we are dedicated to baking, we have phenmomenal tasting sandwiches, hot foods, and our menu keeps growing! so please help yourself by visiting our menu (click!), and see if anything floats your boat :D ​

  • What happens with any leftover bread / pastries at the end of the day?

    • We donate to local church to support their homelessness mission. 

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More Questions? 

Please contact our store at 310.540.6100.

For non-urgent questions, please call us after 12pm Pacific Time to avoid our rush hours so we can attentively answer your questions.

You can also email us at

Or send us a direct message on Instagram @KrustBakeryCafe

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