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Newest Addition 

Mini Size Devil's Food Cake

The richest chocolate cake in a single portion

Two cheese Wheat Loaf

Tillamook Cheddar & Emmental Cheese

Portobello Sandwich

Our newest vegetarian friendly sandwich


We are excited to share that now

All types of flours,

All greens for kitchen items, 

and eggs for sandwiches 

are now organic all the time!

We strive to provide fresh ingredients from local venues, and to stay organic whenever possible. 


Pine Nut Pie

Fresh Apple Pie

Kabocha Pumpkin Pie


Individual size available to pick up at the store until sell out, or place an order of 8inch or 9inch to bring home ( 3 days notice required)

Our Hours

Wednesday - Saturday: 7am - 3pm

Sunday: 8am - 1pm

Monday & Tuesday : Closed


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We bake fresh, real, and from the heart

Every morning, our owner baker Yoonie wakes up at dawn and heads out to our store. Our oven runs busy to bake everything at our storefront. We take inspirations from our traveling days for our creative bakings. We take pride in sourcing our ingredients from local venues. We take time to make batters that needs extra steps to qualify for artisanal baking. It is love of the community and passion of quality food and baking that fuels this small bakery since our owner baker Yoonie took over in beginning of 2020. Thorough the rough and challenging times we learned one big truth - it's the community that we owe and be grateful! So welcome to South Bay's best kept secret bakery!

Our Location 

1300 Pacific Coast HWY, Redondo Beach, CA

We are on the east side of PCH (opposite to ocean direction), between avenue E & F.  Look for the faded orange building with GoodLife Chiropractors. Tucked a way in the corner of the building

Private Parking Available

there are two stories of parkings available within the complex. Use any. If you park at the upper level on the hillside, there is a stairways that brings you directly to our bakery!

Indoor & Outdoor Seatings Available

We do not take any reservations as our tables are self-serviced, first come first served. We do have large space of seating though, so that we can accommodate as many of our guests as possible!